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Faughnan Law is a law firm with offices in Florida. Our talented and experienced team of attorneys counsel individuals and corporations in the areas of family law, business start-up, civil litigation, estate planning, probate and landlord/tenant law. We are guided by a team approach to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to your legal problems.

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Faughnan Law is a law firm in Florida. Our talented and experienced team of attorneys counsel individuals and corporations in the areas of family law, business start-up, civil litigation, estate planning, probate and landlord/tenant law. Our legal team has considerable experience in family law, estate planning, business start-up, civil litigation, probate and landlord/tenant law.

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Florida Family LawyerFamily law covers a wide variety of legal topics which often involve families, marriage and children. These cases commonly deal with parties who are related by either blood or marriage, but may extend into more distant or casual relations as well.

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Our firm’s business and commercial law division counsels and represents small, family-owned, emerging and multi-national businesses on a variety of legal matters ranging from initial entity formation and business structuring to more complex business reorganizations, joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial contracting cases.

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Florida Civil LitigationThe term civil litigation is typically used to describe an area of law which primarily deals with legal disputes between two or more parties which often must be resolved through court proceedings.

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Florida Title Work LawyerTitle work often involves closings, short sales and the transfer of real estate property. Our attorneys help to ensure all paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

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Care.com Faces Lawsuit After Child’s Death

Four-month old Cash Bell died as a result of head injuries while in the care of former nanny Sarah Cullen in March of 2014. Cullen was subsequently convicted of felony child abuse and sentenced to 70 years in federal prison. Bell’s parents, Christopher and Ashley Bell, are now suing Cullen’s employer and Care.com claiming...

NC Cop Sues Starbucks Over Spilt Free Coffee

Lt. Matthew Kohr and his wife Melanie filed a lawsuit against Starbucks after a free cup of coffee spilled on Mathtew’s lap in January of 2012 and allegedly caused severe burns, blisters and emotional damage. Kohr claims the lid popped off the coffee cup and the cup folded in on itself before spilling on...

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Parents of Michael Brown

The parents of Michael Brown are suing the city of Ferguson after claiming wrongful-death and promising to bring to light new forensic details about the police version of events. Brown’s death sparked controversy and a national debate about the way police treat African-Americans. Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri last...

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